Išleista „ActCAD 2021“ versija 1001551

Išleista „ActCAD 2021“ versija 1001551.
Tai yra bendras priežiūros leidimas su keliomis naujomis komandomis ir klaidų taisymais. Žemiau pateikiamas išsamus pakeitimų žurnalas:

This is a general maintenance release with some new commands and bug fixes. Below is a detailed log of changes:

  • Added new command DIMSPACE
  • Added new command ATTIN
  • Added new command ATTINXL
  • Added new command ATTOUT
  • Added new command ATTOUTXL
  • Added new command ATTSYNC
  • Added new command ATTINC
  • Improved NumberedMarkers command
  • Revised ODA libraries version to 6670
  • Fixed issues in APPLOAD command
  • Fixed WBLOCK changing layers of non-zero elevation entities
  • Fixed Layer State Properties not saving
  • Fixed LAYERSTATE missing some Restore option
  • Fixed restoration of layer states to multiple viewports or layouts
  • Fixed DTEXT doesn’t show the actual input height and angle
  • Fixed wrong annotative scale set when Xref filter is off
  • Fixed MTEXT text shifts when being edited when aligned at the bottom
  • Fixed some issues in Selection Cycling
  • Fixed some issues in Intelliconvert
  • Fixed initial sorting of the Sheets/Layouts in sheets list
  • Fixed Page Setup of several sheets from different drawings in Publish command
  • Fixed some issues in font mapping file (icad.fmp)
  • Fixed DIMASSOC breaking the associativity of dimensions to blocks
  • Fixed Lineweght/Transparency state resets after using Edit in Layerstate
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of VIEW tools when switching layouts and model/paper space
  • Fixed certain issues with plotting
  • Fixed crash issue during perspective mode rendering
  • Fixed view toolbar and ribbon view buttons greyed out in paper space
  • Fixed trim by crossing polyline removes extra segment
  • Fixed MTEXT issues in numbering and indenting after importing .rtf document
  • Fixed Mleader label alignment option like OtherCAD
  • Fixed file Save error log written to a wrong file
  • Fixed RTROT rotates view incorrectly making it nearly unusable
  • Fixed hatch origin set incorrectly if bound to extents
  • Fixed MTEXT Background Settings dialog does not save default settings
  • Fixed Print stamp setting not saved after restarting ActCAD
  • Fixed RR Grips disappear when selecting after using (vl-load-com)
  • Fixed Text/Mtext selection during editing is not working with Shift and right arrow key
  • Fixed Image Path uses forward slashes when dragged and dropped

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